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A dentinst told me to brush my teeth really good. Then get a white wash cloth, pour some extra virgin olive oil on it and scrub your teeth. I was thinking okay wow this sounds weird. Anyways I bought some and did it thinking a nasty taste would be in my mouth and it worked right away. I am still blown away at the results. Who would think of e.v.o.o.

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i tried it and it works! i also floss with spaghetti.


why a white towel


does it have to be aa white towel?


What?? you're teeth will NOT fall out because of olive oil! If it did, Italians would have no teeth!


I just tried this, and wow.
I rubbed the evoo on my teeth, brushed with Crest Vivid white, and then brushed again with a mix of Hydrogen Peroxide and water and wow.. my teeth are beautimous! hehe


aaaaaaaaaaah! my entire mouth is bleeding! i think i might be dead! don't use evoo!


I just tried this and it shrank all of my teeth. Now I am a grown man with a big head and little baby teeth I look stupid. Thanks for nothing.


Your dentist ROCKS!!! I tried this and it instantly got whitter. Now i'm not saying dazzaling but after more they got perfect! Thanks and thank your dentist any of these stupid stories are fake because you eat food cooked in e.v.o.o and that doesnt happen....


just got a question. for those of u who have tried this. do u do this daily or weeky or what? or is it just a one time thing?


I just tried this myself and could def tell a defference. Thank you for your help!!

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