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Dentek-max hold Temparin One Step. Basically OTC temp. filling. Seems to hold for about a week. About $5 at Walgreens, there's a more pricey one w/ medication in it. I think its roughly $8.
Its worth it I think I've use this bottle for 5 uses....?!! And I still have some left.

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I tried this little remedy, but I had a broken back tooth, and the filling crumbled, and I was left with 'chalk' all in my mouth, within the hour my tooth hurt worse (some still held in the hole of the tooth). THIS REMEDY SUCKS!!!

I then tried orajel, that helped for about an hour, I tried warm salt water, nothing, I tried rubbing salt on the gum all over the tooth, that helped for about an hour. FINALLLY, I FOUND SOME PAIN PILLS, AND THAT DULLED IT.


the problem with stuff like that is i used it once for a tooth and it hurt so bad i was in tears come to find out the doctor said that there was infection in the tooth and the stuff i put in sealed the hole and made pressure to build up

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