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Andrew B.

Home remedy for cracking skin of the finger tips.

If you get those painful cracks on the fingertips this is what I found works. Start to boil water and just as you see bubbles begin to start take it off the stove and dip the fingertip in the hot water for a second. Repeat this four or five times. Wait a half a minute and repeat. Do that three of four times. Allowing the water to form a drop on the crack. You should do this just as the crack is beginning but I used it once on a big crack that took several days to clear but it healed very fast afterwards.

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r u crazy or wht


I've used heat to help with healing in a number of instances. (Haven't tried this particular one)- but wounds don't close well if there's bacteria or infection present , and heat (hot enough to sterilize- but not so hot as to scald or blister) will kill most germs, and quicken the healing/closing of the wound.


Yeah I think that is really stupid.


why don't i just put my hand on the hot stove and forget about the water


Idiot! Anyone that attempts this, is as stupid as you! Boiling water or water near boiling burns the epidermis, not heals it.


Water caused the dry hands!

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