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Phillip Crankton

Duct tape, ACV, orange peels, nothing worked. I had been viciously battling PW for over 6 months. Sometimes it got so bad that my foot was no longer recognizable as human. Until a family dinner earlier in the month, I thought all hope was lost. ACV had reduced my PW's to a manageable level, but it still hurt to get out of bed each morning. At the dinner my Ked's had taken what seem to be a painful choke hold on my warts. Wincing behind the pain, I manage to finish my meal. I excused myself from the table and snuck into the kitchen to grab a paring knife. I spent the remainder of the night bleeding previously while stopping my operation to take another bump off my fav whiskey. Happy to say that I can enjoy life like a normal human being. So for all out there looking for a last ditch effort.... this is it. Time to man up and slice them suckers out.

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did u try nail polish?


just being honest i had gotten planter warts when i was a teenager and cutting them out doesn't work they will always come back, and it will hurt worse when they do come back cuz over the last 6 years i have been cutting them out and that is why i am on this site looking for remedies it does ease the pressure but they will burry themselves deeper into yout skin

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