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How to keep your cats from using your inside floor plants as a litter box.

I had a problem with my cat using my inside plants as a litter box. Didn't matter that the litter box was clean, the cat just wanted to go in my plants, getting dirt all over the floor and making a huge mess. Not to mention that my plants suffered from it.

Put tin foil on top of the dirt around the plant/tree. make sure you cover all of the dirt that you can see or get to. Leave just enough room so you can still water the plant. This worked 100% for me. My cat stopped using my plants as a litter box and finally my inside banana trees started growing.

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I had the same problem before with indoor plants being dug up by my cats as a potty box my remedy was to cover the entire area about 1 1/2 inches deep with the small rocks you can get at the dollar store. every time the cats tried to use as potty box i heard the rocks clanking and shooed them out. however if they still used it as a potty area they couldn't dig down and ruin my plants and the feces was on the top of the rocks ans easily removable.

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