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20 years ago my Gyno told me to use Ivory soap. I know Ladies it is not a girlie smelling soap but I have not had a yeast infection in 20 years.
Trust me it works, I told my Best Friend about Ivory and she wished I would have told her 10 earlier.

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This is the best advice that I have received in 10 years. I've started to have yeast infection since I was 17; my mother is a nurse and I have been to the gynecologist too many times. I used product with 2% ketacolnozone! the yeast always came back. I tried garlic and so many recipes. I was lucky to find this one. Since I started the Ivory soap, I never got that itch again. Thank you for making my life so much easier. You just don't know how much easier.


omg it is so true! I heard this trick an i did it and its amazing... not the first time i heard it, but i STRESS on how true this is!


Along these lines- my Gynecologist also recommended that my husband only use Ivory soap on his genitals. This was a MAJOR help.

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