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Lucia Hodges

Hi. I tried your remedy for plantar's worts (AC vinegar) and it worked like a charm. Thought I'd pass on something that worked very well for a large sebaceous cyst on my back. I put an equal mixture of Potassium Iodide and DMSO. I learned about it on Dr. Jonathan Wright's site. Basically, the DMSO carries Iodide into the skin, and the iodide itself eats up fatty material like the cyst. The cyst on my back was about 1' in diameter; thought I would need to have it cut out. But after putting this remedy on 2x/day for about 3 mo, the entire thing just disappeared! Hope others on your site can get such good results.

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Where do you buy Saturated solution of Potassium Iodide and DSMO?.. Also, I found Potassium Iodide - do I have to mix it with water to get a saturated solution?... I would appreciate your feedback. Also, how soon did you start noticing the reduction in size of your cyst? Thanks again! Please feel free to email me at

Lucia Hodges

I used potassium iodide in the form of SSKI ('Super Saturated Potassium Iodide'). You can buy a 1 oz bottle for about $20 from Dr. Wright's Tahoma Clinic. I purchased the DMSO from my local health food store for about the same amount. You may also be able to buy it online.
PS - My cyst was 1 inch in diameter (not 1 foot - that's a typo!)


How did you make the mixture and how did you apply the mixture? Did you wipe it off afterwards, cover it with a bandage... can you provide details please?



I am currently trying this although I could only find a 10% iodine mix and am waiting for DMSO to arrive in the mail. I may order SSKI as well, but I thought it would be good info to share that I saturated a cotton pad with the iodine and have basically kept it continuously on my (very small 1/4 inch) cyst for the last few days and it is already noticably flatter. It is a little sore and sometimes itchy which I assume has something to do with the healing process, as this is not the normal case. So, the iodine may work all on its own although I think the DMSO helps it be absorbed.



It's good to hear someone has made a stand against their unwelcome sebaceous cyst. I too had the same diagnosis as you from doctors. My cyst was located on the back of my neck. After 2 years, one night with a squeeze it opened up like a cheddar cheese factory. I have given it several pumps a week over the last month and it's reduced from 2cm down to 20mm if that....I think it may be the sack left. I am going hammer and tongs with it right now with neosporin which I read all over the net reduces the sack. Lets see. Well done on the skin offensive.


I've read some 'cheesy' stories in my time but THIS one was the cheesiest of all!

Ok, back to reality and MY Sebaceous cyst.

This was helpful and I'm going to work on MY cyst because when I'm toxic, it does exude an odor! And, its NOT like live cheese! Its like cheese that been dead for a LOOOONG time! Just touching the surface of the tennis ball leaves a telltale odor of great disgust on the fingertips!

I'm trying DMSO [which is a substance that accelerates absorption] and Potassium Iodide.

Yeah, I know I'll be denied the joys of squirting across the patio, but, 'Oh well' can't have everything can we!


Faye Baker

Went to my GP today re lump under my left arm. Have had a small lump there for many years and I have squeesed gunk out of it before but this time it wouldn't budge and it is very sore. Dr only gave me antibiotics - why is it they don't cut them out these days or lance it like a boil which they did years ago?



I've just had 4 sebaceous cyst removed by surgery. I've still got more and my doctor didn't want to remove all at the same time.

I'm very interested to try your recipe; what is DMCO?

Thx a lot.


Guys, DMSO is a solvent that isn't really great to be putting on your skin. Di-methyl Sulf Oxide.

If you are using this remedy, be careful with the amounts and don't use it on genitals.


Dry Potassium Iodide is a crystal and can be dissolved easily in water. Super Saturated Potassium Iodide (SSKI) is water plus Potassium Iodide crystals added until the crystals no longer dissolve. Then mix that solution 50/50 with pure dmso.

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