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Boils can be brought to a head using a folded wad of paper or paper towel soaked in vinegar which is then placed on the boil and covered. It will stay damp even overnite, but repeat with fresh compress every few hours. It took me a little longer than a day to raise the head to bursting. Not only did the vinegar work, it was painless and soothing which is awesome because the boil itself hurt something awful. When the boil comes to a head and/or bursts, pull the skin away from the head to ooze out the pus. DO NOT squeeze since that often squeezes the infectious pus INTO the skin deeper. Keeping the area clean is vital! Boils are often caused by bacteria and washing gently with warm soapy water before and after is vital. Carefully dispose of any bandaids and compresses to reduce risk of spreading the infection. The smell is unpleasant, but the remedy WORKS!

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hopefully boiless

Hi Everyone, I had a horrible grape sized boil on my bikini line- and I was too embarrased to tell anyone. For 3 days it wasn't improving or coming to a head. I tried putting ice on it (this only works for new boils that are within days of coming up). I tried tumeric, I tried toothpaste, breathing exercises. I couldn't walk to go out for 3 days because of the pain, and couldn't put any clothes on. Well I read this vinegar thing, and went hunting around the house. The only thing I could find was Red Wine Vinegar. I didn't care....30 minutes later (I soaked a papertowel and placed it on the boil)...I CAN WALK! The Boil isn't gone, but at least now I'm not focusing on the pain and can work.-Please try this.


I must say that when I get a boil, my pressure rises. I had been in pain for two days when I stumbled across this site. I had no money so a home remedy had to work. Needless to say I tried the vinegar and when I woke up I was still in a little pain but a head appeared. I went about my day when I realized that I wasn't in any pain. The boil ruptured onto the gauze and damn near completely drained. VINEGAR does work. So if ur at ur wits end try this remedy cuz it just might work

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