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stay away from simple carbs This would include sugar and white bread. Try buying a good sprouted bread as it has lots of protein and fiber and fills you up. Break up your calories into 6 small meals. Or 3 meals and 3 snacks. Fish or skinless chicken make for low calorie meals. I make sweet potatoe fries unstead of eating french friends. Coat with a low calorie spray and grill or bake. Also stay away from artificial sweetners like nutrasweet. It is a chemical and can make you crave sweets and store fat. Use splenda sparingly.
I found that my favorite treat was dark chocolate covered altoids. They last awhile and the chocolate makes you think you are indulging. But 2 mints are only 15 calories. Look for foods that have protein and fiber to keep you full. And apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter or a classic PB&J on a high fiber bread.
Do not drink 'sports drinks' while exercising. You will get stomache cramps. Save them for after your workout. Or a great post workout snack is an 8oz glass of chocolate milk. It has the right combo of protein and fat.

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