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Vince Carden, Life Coach, NLP dip

For years i have struggled with memory, and concentration. I found Ginko Biloba (a chinese herb that has been used for over a hundred years). Ginko Biloba helps brain functions and circulation of blood to the brain. Try it, if you are studying for an exam or just general memory enhancement this is for you. It comes in the form of Tea, Supplements (Tablets) and even in concentrated liquid that can be mixed with a little water. It can be found in any health food store. This is also great for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)accumpanied with Saint johns Wart.

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Warning; do not take this if you are on blood thinner medication


I take Ginko daily, seems to help some. It takes 2 months to work. I'm searching for the remedy for memory I had a few years back.


I want to add that this is the only rmedy that has been scientifically proven and it does not work if you are in the latter stages of alzheimers. It crosses the blood brain barrier.

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