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Coconut milk. You can buy it in cans (Thai Kitchen is the best brand in my opinion), pretty cheap. I make about a quart at a time -- empty the contents of the can into a jar, then fill the rest with water. If you want it sweet, you can add a very tiny bit of stevia (safe herbal no-calorie sweetener). It's tasty. You can also try coconut oil (extra virgin is best). Please do not believe the lies you hear about coconut oil being bad. Yes, it is saturated fat but it is a certain type of fatty acid that is actually healthy for you and the only other source it is found in nature is breastmilk.

It will help heal inflammation and soothe soreness from ulcers in the intestines. Also, I find that it does not have a diarrhea effect on me as some people say it does. It makes me feel good in general, gives me energy. I'm convinced that it's probably the best food/drink/medicine on the planet.

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I have trouble with my bowels for over 6 months, although my doctor has not been sure whether it's amoebiasis or IBD. Hopefully neither.

I noticed that whenever I eat thai green curry I never get bloated afterwards, unlike with any other food. So after researching the matter, I realized that coconut milk, key ingredient in thai food, creates a soothing a protective lining inside your bowels. Eating it moderately (not going crazy with the coconut milk cans) can provide much relief, even if it doesn't cure.

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