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Saved by ACV

After suffering and spending untold $$ I found Apple Cider Vinegar. I bought the Walmart bottle for .98, used it twice a day (applied with a cotton ball) and it is AMAZING!!! Stings a bit at first but I started using it the day I felt a breakout coming on and it halted the progress. Anytime I felt the itch and sting I would reapply the ACV. Cut down the days and severity of my breakout DRAMATICALLY. TRY THIS- you wont regret it!

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0mq whoeva recommended this is a lifesaver! I tried it b4 i went 2 bed and wen i woke up in da mornin it wuz qone thx u


I love vinegar. When i had mutiple warts it killed it by soakn it and bandage. So i read this post and decided to do the same on the outside of my povulas (thats where im infected :(
U just dabbed it, so im am wondering if soakn it will work faster. The pain subsides after ten min or so.


ACV is great for yeast infections which is what I thought I had. I have been using it for a week and my symptoms have gotten worse. I normally use ACV with great results.

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