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Hey try this take baby oil and soak an end of a Q-tip and put it your ear. Let sit for about 1 min and remove let oil sit for about an hour. Then take a nose sucker (commonly used for babys) new one preferably suck luke warm water up in it and tilt your towards a sink and squirt the water in the affected ear and after a few times the wax should come out. Worked great for me.

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never stick a q-tip in your ear. That will cause ear wax to get impacted. I know, I tried it and it has caused a tremendous problem, one I've been working very hard to undo.


They arent telling you to shove a Q-tip into your ear canal, just put it in enough to get the oil on there.


Mineral baby oil??? You might as well use engine oil cause its just the same and contains neurotoxins and is carcinogenic (just great for babys!!!). Use vegetable oils instead - most recommendations advise olive oil.

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