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My 1 yr old baby girl has suffered with excema and excessive dry skin since birth. She is a huge scratcher so her belly, back of neck, wrists, lower back, and chest are all very scratched up. Basically her entire body is prone to excema.

When I was a child it was my face mainly but she is everywhere. I want to cry when I look at her belly. :(

I have taken her to many doctors and am still looking for relief, but some things that help are

-keeping her nails short (lots of her redness is due to the welts from scratching)

-having a few different lotions (she responds best if we rotate which lotion we give her every few weeks or so)

-washing her clothes and bedding with Ivory Snow or a sensitive detergent.

-increasing her OMEGA 3. I met with a nutritionist who said that excessive dry skin can be due to a fatty acid deficiency. I just started this option, so I don't know how effective it is, but I have heard great reviews from others. Take 1tps-1tbsp for babies (more for adults) of ground flax seed. I add it to her morning cereal. You can also take OMEGA 3 supplements. This is a pretty simple addition to any diet and if you see changes, you might as well go for it.

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i hate to hear about your daughter. i had bad eczema and asthma when i was young..still have on elbows but what helped when i was young was the oatmeal baths. you buy packets to add to her bath water. it doesnt have a strong smell which is good for asthma. i hope she gets better.


Your poor daughter, I'm so sorry! I know you posted this a while ago, but incase she is still suffering, my friend had her daughter tested for food sensitivities because of her severe excema. She found out that she was sensitive to corn and after eliminating it, her excema improved by almost 80%. You might try getting her tested and see if there's a food culprit there... God bless you and her!!!


Lotion with urea in it works great. Your doctor can also rx you lotion and cream with a higher % of urea in it. I suffered for 25 years with scaly dry skin to this doctor and than one until i found a doctor who told me how great urea works! Do some research on it's great stuff! Burns but only for a bit


im very sorry about ur daughter! well i have excema and i went to mexico a doctor gave me a cream saying that my skin was imflamed and it felt better but you should go to Pureto Vallarta becase th ebeach for that is VERY good! the salt water worked GREAT for my skin go there and ill hope your dauchter is ok


I've had excema since I was small. My grandma, use to dip my hands in guava leaves in very warm water. It worked. But there's a medicine that I use now that I'm older, it's clorbetasol. Its prescribed by my doctor. It has steroids in it. For your daughter, just simply cold water to numb the itch. There's one lotion that you could just buy over the counter? Its gold bond lotion. Any of the gold bond lotion will.


Your poor daughter. I can only tell you what worked for my husbands exema that we found by accident. He had high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure. He hated all the meds he was on, so I started researching healing naturally. It seems that most ailments (even cancer, MS, diabetes, heart disease etc) is caused by the food we eat. Mainly meat and dairy. Both create allergies as well as more serious issues. Yup, we are now vegans....mostly, sometimes vegetarians when we eat out. Very hard to do but well worth while. Everything cleared up for us and the by-product was that his exema also went away. My skin was also clearer than it had been since I was a young girl. It was all very life changing for us. But don't take my word for it. I can only recommend that you research the food that's being sold to us. A good book is the RAVE diet, but there are many. I remember reading in this book other books referenced for children’s diet and health. Also if you haven't seen it already, the documentary Food Inc is very enlightening.


thats so sad to hear, unfortunately chemicals can irratate even more! i know it is hard, especially for a mother, these days but natural really is best. id search up some COMPLETELY natural ways to help. i believe oatmeal baths would work really well, and there moust be some way to make a natural lotion, with no bad chemicals in it. either way good luck. remember, skin absoarbs what you put into it.


I am sorry to hear about your daughter's eczema.

My cousin's daughter had the same condition. She was brought to several doctors and it did not go away.

My mom gave my cousin several bottles of virgin coconut oil. It worked! My cousin rubbed it on her daughter's whole body in the morning and before she went to bed.


go to n get balm of gilade and straight shea your daughter will be cured n its all natural so natural you can eat the stuff


Flaxseed oit is awesome for the skin and hair. The only issue is some people do not digest it well. I was able to tolerate it for about 3 months before it started irritating my stomache. Keep watch for that symptom

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