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I broke a tooth on tuesday Nov. 4 2008 and I belive the nerve is exposed.The pain is very severe,almost bring tears to my eyes.The pain started once every 5-6 hours and lasted a few minutes.Later in the week it became non stop.I had important things going on at work and could not take off to go to the Dentist.With my coverage I could not get an appointment until next week.I was using Ora-gel max every 10 minutes out of desperation{dosage is suppose to be once every 4 hours} when I came upon this web site.I read a post about Vanilla extract and gave it a try on a soaked Q-tip and held it on the tooth.The pain was gone in 30 seconds.I don't know at this point how long the pain will subside for, but it works for now.I think it's better then doing Ora-gel.The brand I am using is Spice Classics Pure Vanilla Extract.The broken tooth is 1 in from the wisdom tooth top right. Good luck

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