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I suffer from migraines since the age of 18, that usually last 3-4 days. Mine are triggered by nitrates, hormones and my low blood sugar! Lucky me!!! I have found that sticking to a nitrate-free, high protein diet helps for the days between my cycle. During my cycle, I have found that 'Stress relief' from bath and body works is great. I also have my husband...he rubs from my neck, shoulders, back, and then my feet with the stress relief lotion and if this doesn't help. He will PINCH the area between my thumb and index finger. It hurts like crazy but it relieves the nausea and the pain. When day two comes's hot tea all day long! Usually I have no appetite. I just experienced one of my worst ones yesterday...triggered by malt vinegar and fried fish!!! None of my remedies worked until day 2, but a doctor I work with prescibed me a barbituate(small dose) and it took the edge off..but made my life tolerable today.

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