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I want to thank every one whom has written in with their home remedy's. I have broken 3 of my back teeth over the years. And every once in a while they will become infected. In the past,I have started a series of antibiotics and a whole lot of Advil to deal with the pain. However yesterday I was woken up at 3 Am with severe pain and swelling. Nothing I was using was easing the pain for more than an half an hour. By 3 Pm I was going out of my mind. I read about cutting a small opening for the infection to drain. They tried this on me last time when I ended up at the hospital but to no avail. So at my wit's end, I pulled out my exacto knife set, sterilized the blade, and on my 3rd try, I hit the right spot. I pressed real hard on my cheek and quite a bit of blood and puss came out. Man what a relief. I rinsed my mouth with salt water and decided to try the tea bag. After using my second tea bag, all the pain was gone and was the swelling. I had a good meal an hour later and tried to get some un interupted sleep. When I awoke my face was swelled up again. But I had no pain. I took some more Advil and an ice pack for 30 min. The swelling went back down to an acceptible level and I have been able to make it thru my work day. Again,I want to thank all whom have written in. I had 13 hours of pain this time compaired to 2-3 days in the past. I am really impressed how the tea bag worked. I never would of thought it.

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