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For years I suffered from horrible, very large and painful canker sores and used every OTC medication ever made - further compounding matters was that I was a brass player and playing tended to aggravate the sores.

At a doctor's visit about ten years ago, I mentioned my sores and the nurse told me that one thing that worked to get rid of her and her son's canker sores was simply taking a natural supplement - lysine- which seemed to do the trick.

I went to the pharmacy that day, got a bottle of lysine tablets, took one a day for about a month, and I haven't had a canker sore since (and I've never had to start taking the supplement again during the course of the past 10 yrs). I've posted this information on a similar comments forum and received a number of responses from people thanking me as it worked for them. Frankly, it's amazing that more folks don't know about this treatment - I suppose the OTC canker sore treatment industry doesn't want word to get out about it.

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I took L-Lysine tablets for many many months and yes it helps while your taking them but give it a few months, they'll come back.


After trying honey and asprin and seeing no results, I went and bought some lysine tablets. I'll let you know what happens!


This really worked for me, thanks!!!

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