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Many women get get yeast infections due to hormonal changes either right before or during menstruation, which can be prevented by getting on a birth control pill and talking to your doctor about skipping the last week. Wearing a wet swimsuit for too long causes them too, so don't walk around in that bikini for too long after your're done swimming. You also shouldn't take baths too often because the water that gets inside is a breeding ground and needs time to drain before you take another.
Also, if it isn't clearing up you may have a bacterial infection, which is really similar and requires an anti-biotic. That can be caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, either adding the bad or taking away the good. (Which is douching shouldn't be done frequently.) Scented tampons as well as toilet paper can cause it. Half the time it is caught as an STI. Even a little bit of bacteria left on the penis after anal sex can lead to an infection after vaginal intercourse. You and your partner both need to be treated, even though he won't show any symptoms, because you can give the infection to him, and you don't want to be in an endless cycle of treatment and catching an infection again.

Hope that helped:)

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