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Karen White

I had been battling plantars warts for 4 months. I had three small ones on my toes and two larger ones (the size of pencil erasers) which were side by side on the ball of my foot. In May I began noticing them and tried to use over the counter meds, then in June I started going to a pediotrist. All summer I battled with them and got to where I could hardly walk and nothing was working. Then finally on Friday, October 10, I was lead to this website where I began reading about the Apple Cidar Vinegar method. The next morning I went and bought my supplies: ACV, cotton balls, and duct tape. Immediately I started using the cotton balls soaked in the ACV. I did not tape a whole cotton ball, but I would pull off enough to cover the wart with a little extra, then taped it to the wart making sure that it was sealed off well. Then I wore socks. I did this method every night after showering and did not remove any of it until the following night for a shower. After doing this for 2 days, I was able to remove some of the smaller warts. Then by the following Tuesday (5 days) the larger warts were causing me much pain - I was reduced to tears, but that evening I was able to remove one of the larger warts and the next night I got the other one. This was not the end. I continued using the apple cider vinegar for 2 1/2 weeks total due to there being imbedded roots in my foot. Each night I worked on my feet pulling off the dead skin and any roots or remaining wart that the cidar might have drawn out. Your foot will look like you are pickling it, the skin will sort of flake off around the wart, and sometimes there is a lot of pain during the day (I suppose this is when the ACV is doing its magic). Now my feet feel brand new and I am able to get around wonderfully. Thank you Angel of God!

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