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Ginger, In Indiana

I had tried everything suggested, by everybody it seemed hopeless that my 5 month old would ever poop. She was sooo constipated she screamed when she tried to have a bowl movement and nothing would come out. So last resort before we headed to the doctor, I put Vaseline on the end of a Q-Tip and put it in her rectum and swirled it around for a couple seconds and SHAZAM out came 4 days worth of poop. I think I was more relived than her, she just smiled:)

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Victor Uganda

Whoever posted this solution, thanks a million times, my little 4 weeks baby girl has been constipated for over 48hrs. but after applying this trick, 4 mins later she got a BM. WE CAN NOW SLEEP TONIGHT!!

sonia :)

I have always use this method for my kids as my mom has used it on us when we were kids and works wonders but instead of vasaline use pure 100% olive oil you can find it at walmart.


I tried this in desperation after listening to my baby cry for hours(because her belly hurt) and hearing her say for hours that she had a 'boo-boo' (because her little bum hurt every time she tried to go). I used what I had on hand (a&d ointment and a rectal thermometer), and it actually worked right away. She stopped crying about her boo-boo right away and had pooped within 20 minutes. Now she's back to her happy little self, running around and playing. :-) :-) :-) Thanks for a great tip that actually works.

Little Sparrow

Its 4 am in the morning here and My 11 month son is suffering badly... I managed to get a little bit out (dry hard pebbles)as he pushed and out of sheer exhaustion he's fallen asleep... out of sheer desperation, I searched online. as soon as he wakes, I will try this remedy. I have both olive oil and Vaseline. He's backed right up and he has a huge hard ball blocking the exit... if this works, I'm taking your warning and keeping his bum covered! I don't particularly want to wear it!

truth be told

To the 2nd comment, if it worked great in the old days, why wouldnt it now?! Thats ignorant of you to say it wouldnt look right if the father did it! My husband changes our 2yr old daughters diapers and helps bathe her sometimes, does that make him a perve!?!?!! Atleast he helps and isnt a dead beat dad! Dont have to be so sheltered and ignorant

Very happy Mom!

I want to thank God for the person who posted this. It worked for my baby like magic. Tried it first when he was still sleeping coz I feared he would tense up if I tried it when he was active. Didn't work. Then I tried it again when he was awake and it worked within 10mins, his diaper was full. I was so happy for him, coz he really was straining and in pain. Thanks again!:)

amber n josh

It worked for us to

amber n josh

It worked for us to thank you


Do you insert the tip of it or just stimulated around the outside area?

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