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Ginger, In Indiana

I had tried everything suggested, by everybody it seemed hopeless that my 5 month old would ever poop. She was sooo constipated she screamed when she tried to have a bowl movement and nothing would come out. So last resort before we headed to the doctor, I put Vaseline on the end of a Q-Tip and put it in her rectum and swirled it around for a couple seconds and SHAZAM out came 4 days worth of poop. I think I was more relived than her, she just smiled:)

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About to try this after finding this site when googling constipation remedies for my poor little girl...after for days she has only had a couple of small hard bowl movements today.


OMG is all I can say I'm all :)'s and so is my 2 month old daughter! I've tried Karoe and everything else so I Google remedies and this came up so I tried one last think before we made a trip to the doc, Literally within seconds of me doing this I got a full diaper of poo she's been stopped up for 3 days and this worked wonders. Thankyou!


IT WORKS!! One of our twin infants has been backed for 3 days,we tried Kayro syrup and nothing until this..Thank you..WARNING!! BE CAREFUL AND COVER THE BABY WHILE YOU DO THIS,IT CAME SHOOTING OUT ALL OVER THE FLOOR LOL.


I put a bit of vaseline, swirled it around a bit I think I may be doing it's been 20 mins already...and still nothing..


Thanks is too small a word for ur remedy...god bless you.


Thanks just tried on my 10 month old who not been few days and full of cold done the trick instantly she looks relived which has calmed me as hate to see her in pain a cold is enough without not being able to go poop thanks again ;)


Thank you so much just did it and worked like a charm.


Thank you so much just did it and worked like a charm.


Thank you so much just did it and worked like a charm.


I tried it twice but no luck. :( One problem was that she tensed up and clenches her bottom. I was so hoping we could get her some relief. This is the second time in 2 weeks our 7 month old has been constipated....she strains,grunts,screams, cries, sweats trying to get it out. We've tried everything...pear juice, prunes, baths, and she's been on Mira Lax. I asked her pediatrian about Karo syrup & she said the sugars in it are different now & don't work for constipation. We're at a loss. Glad it worked for so many others....these poor babies! I'll try the qtip trick a couple more times so see if we can get something moving. Thanks!

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