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Ginger, In Indiana

I had tried everything suggested, by everybody it seemed hopeless that my 5 month old would ever poop. She was sooo constipated she screamed when she tried to have a bowl movement and nothing would come out. So last resort before we headed to the doctor, I put Vaseline on the end of a Q-Tip and put it in her rectum and swirled it around for a couple seconds and SHAZAM out came 4 days worth of poop. I think I was more relived than her, she just smiled:)

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WORKS!And no joke watch out! I would say wiggle left to right to loosen it. :)


Omgosh!!! This works wonders. My son hasnt had a bowl movement in 5 days! So i tried this n it worked instantly. i have never been so excited for a stinky diaper. i was jumping up n down. i would have gone to the store to get some karo syrup (recommened by his peds) but its christmas day n everything is closed. plz try this if ur child is constipated.. moms, dads, caregivers just give it a shot. i put vaseline on his bottom n the qtip (a ton) n @ first i was feeling really bad n akward about it but then when he pooped i couldnt do nething but thank God.


To the one that asked what a Q-tip is its a little plastic stick with a little bit of cotton on both ends, most use them to clean their ears with.

To the one that asked how long you wiggle it for. You do not wiggle the qtip, you swirl it around as to get the vasoline on the inner walls of the rectum, it helps as using soap or lotion to get a stuck ring off a finger.


Thank you thank you thank you. My 3 month of was screaming all night, she hadn't pooped in over 24 hours. I was just about to go to the store to get some pear juice and decided to try the Q-tip method first. Within 1 minute she started to make a weird sound and I knew something was up! She let out a loud noise followee by a lare wet poo! I've never been so happy to see poo. She is back to herself immediately cooing and smiling and I feel so much better. I HATE seeing my baby in pain. This method works and I'll use it again if i have to.

Doriane B

Returning to this page to thank you dear for this post. My 5month-old has been pushing hard and dry poop for over a week. I gave her the syrup prescribed by her paediatrician for 4 days it didn't work so I just stopped it. I decided to try 'mother-cyber' and googled remedy for infant constipation. I tried yours by applying vaseline in her rectum with a cotton bud (just the cotton part). 5 min later she pushed it all out,we have never been so relieved. God bless u!!!


Omg qtip and Vaseline works awesome.. My 1 month dd had problems pooing but wasn't grumpy or fussy n made noises of straining hard.. I tried qtip within 2 seconds she had a river of poo.. It really works wonders


I just and it worked. My baby hasnt had sny stool in over 48 hours.. my son is now sleeping peacefully. Thank you and god bless


Thank you soooo much!! It really worked!!


Can't wait to try this Qtip,my 7mnths old daughter has been struggling since she started eating solid food and my mum who's been luking afta her don't knw wat to do as we've tryid evrythin nd nothing seems to work.jst as I ws giving up I decided to google home remedies and came across this advise wen my daughter wakes up I'm definatetly gonna try it..Prayin it will work.can I use any vaseline?e.g johnsons vaseline


OMG! this remedy really worked! at first nothing came out but on 2nd try works like charm! Btw, you guys need some flu masks. poop really stinks. LOL. but my baby is soo happy now. Thanks to this!

It's like 1 cup of oatmeal came out.

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