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Ginger, In Indiana

I had tried everything suggested, by everybody it seemed hopeless that my 5 month old would ever poop. She was sooo constipated she screamed when she tried to have a bowl movement and nothing would come out. So last resort before we headed to the doctor, I put Vaseline on the end of a Q-Tip and put it in her rectum and swirled it around for a couple seconds and SHAZAM out came 4 days worth of poop. I think I was more relived than her, she just smiled:)

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absolutely fantastic!!!! cant believe how quickly this worked, my little man is 3 and half months and ive just stopped breast feeding, i knew this would have an effect on his bowels but didnt think it would be that i needed a solution and fast....this works!!!! thanks so much :0)))))


I might sound stupid :-( But what is a Q-tip? My baby boy is constipated ever since he went onto cow's milk, and I want to try this remedy, but iyp don't know what a Q-tip is? Please help!!!


I did this twice to help my 10 month old grand-daughter and NOTHING happened she just looked at me like what are you doing....So in my case this didnt help.....


Thank you!!! This worked great for my 4 month old. Within 5 minutes she had a bowel movement after being constituted for three days. Her doctor told me to use a rental thermometer but it wasn't working after trying it a couple of times in last 12 hours. The Q-tip did the trick! She isn't fussy and whimpering anymore....what a relief for both of us.


Instantly!!!! Thnks sooo much:))))


Instantly!!!! Thnks sooo much:))))

Ms. Russell

THANK YOU! To the person who posted this tip. Baby has had this problem since turning 1 and trasitioning from formula to whole milk. Tried this a YES!!!! It works...would recommend any day!!!


Re:Just becasue we did something years ago does not make it acceptable today.

Yes, my Pedi told me to try this, and it worked!


this remedy really did work. im a first time mom and my son is 3 weeks old and for the past 2 days he hasnt had a BM but drinks nearly 5 oz every 2 hours, hes had a regular sleep schedule and its been out of whack since he hasnt been able go pass a BM. after trying this he immediately released every single little thing that was clogging him up and causing him to be uncomfortable. thanks so much for posting this because his doctor would not do anything or suggest anything and it had me worried. if he could speak he'd thank you a thousand times. if you could see him you could tell by his demeanor that he is feeling relax and happy. happy pooping to your little ones!


Question- how long do u actually wriggle it around in their bottoms for???

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