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Ginger, In Indiana

I had tried everything suggested, by everybody it seemed hopeless that my 5 month old would ever poop. She was sooo constipated she screamed when she tried to have a bowl movement and nothing would come out. So last resort before we headed to the doctor, I put Vaseline on the end of a Q-Tip and put it in her rectum and swirled it around for a couple seconds and SHAZAM out came 4 days worth of poop. I think I was more relived than her, she just smiled:)

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My 5 month old daughter has been clogged since started solids 4 weeks ago. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I have just sent my husband to our local store to buy some vaseline......will let you know how I go.....wish me luck!! xox

Audrey :)

OMG IT W0RK. . .I was so nervous to even do it but Thanks !! :) my 4 week old was struggling but back up it shot out at me like paint ”lol'. . :) now his calm an cool super awsome !now mommy an daddy can sleep !!

LaKya and Naphi (baby)

This works so quickly! it is amazing how the poop was right there waiting to come out! Sometimes there little bodies just need some help! Thank you to whoever posted this remedy! God Bless!


Just want to comment re: the person's concern re: how this remedy would look in certain situations and everyone being so hard on them for saying something. I appreciate those who said this would look like care because that's what it is, care, but unless you've faced the so-called authorities who are the ones looking at innocent activities from the gutter and who make the accusions of inappropriateness where there is none and who pursue investigating, you don't know how easy it is to find yourself in the position of having to be careful about appearances. All it takes is one 'anonymous' call making a false report and your life is changed forever. That's the crime - innocent people being accused of such ugliness. Can't ever look at things the same ever again. It's happened more times and to more people than you know. Happened to me by a caregiver I had to let go for cause because they were angry with me. I was investigated and everything reported was found to be a lie. Doesn't change the experience or the memory for me, though. I appreciate that allogations must be pursued, and I advocate that despite my experience. What I'm saying is please be a little less hard on the concern that was voiced. They weren't in the gutter. They were trying to warn you that there are those who are and who may see things differently than you do and that you may find yourself in the position I was in. Please consider that perhaps they or someone they know had this happen. Don't be so hard on them....


Didn't work for me :-(. I didn't have vaseline though. Tried baby oil with a thermometer and then a Q-tip...nothin'?!


I tried it a couple of hours ago. Within minutes, there came 4 days worth of poop! Thank you for the tip

Amanda (Michigan)

I just tried this vasloine on a Q-tip....Worked GREAT! My four month old has been so packed up. I want to thank you all for your help....first time mom here and had no idea how to help her get it all out! Thanks again!!!


You have made my sad little baby into a happy little baby - thank you very much for your tip, I will remember it forever!


Is it the vaseline that works or the action? Wld it work with olive oil I wonder?


Thanks so much for your tip! It worked really well and now my 3 month old feels much better :)

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