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I get really awful sinus problems and allergies,so today I was fed up because none of the meds worked, so I ended up stumbling upon a fast and effective cure.

I took my bottle of pure peppermint extract,put a little bit on my pinky,and gently rubbed it under,around,and just a little bit inside my nose.

Within 2 minutes I was totally cleared up and feeling better! I highly recommend this remedy!

Repeat every 2-4 hours depending on the severity of the symptoms. Or you can just wipe more on at a time.

The only side effect is that it burns a little when first applied because it's so strong, but this is totally harmless and only means that it is working.

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My son tried this and it worked! It did burn for a bit, but then went away.


I put a bit under my nose and it burned like crazy! Congestion was relieved but it increased the pain from my sinus headache. Use with caution.

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