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I find that steaming yourself really helps to head sinus/congestion. (This is also a relief to nasal congestion, mild-medium coughing, and chest congestion) If you don't know what steaming is-let me enlighten you.

To steam yourself (variations possible):
1.) Boil about 5 cups of water (more or less.)
2.) Grab a towel and a bowl.
3.) After water has boiled, (recommended doing the following in the kitchen) sit at a table and pour the water in the bowl.
5.) Quickly, letting very little heat escape, sit down and place the towel over your head and the bowl.
6.) Sit there for about 15-20 minutes breathing ) in through your nose (if you have nasal congestion or head sinuses) or in through your mouth (if you have chest congestion/a cough. This can be a bit boring, so i recommend listening to the television, music, or attempting to read (however it gets dark and steamy under there!)

Even though it is hot and may cause very mild discomfort to your eyes (I close mine. It's not as though I'm missing anything under there!) try to lean over as close to the bowl as possible. You will sweat, but you will feel your your chest aching less and opening up, your nose opening up/becoming runny, as well as your head aching less and opening up.

The steam helps open up your pores! It is great to apply acne medicine after this as it does wonders to your skin!

As you can see I have found this as a relief to many ailments including the following:
-mild to medium coughing
-chest congestion
-nasal congestion
-sinus (especially head) congestion

(even opening up your pores!)

I hope it helps you as much as me! Although it is a pain in the butt, I find that it does work wonders!

Get better soon! :)))

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A better idea is letting your bathroom fill up with steam from the shower... its the same concept only your dont have to put a crink in your neck trying to get it over the bowl... i got sick of hurting my neck... cuz i have neck problems as it is... so i just read a book while im in the bathroom with very extremely hot water running and close the door... breath only through your nose though or you wont be able to break up the mucus in your sinus glands.

So Thankful(:

I have a performance today, and I was COMPLETELY blocked up. My nasal passages were completely full. I tried all kinds of medicine, and everything failed the past couple of days. I decided to try this, and it worked like a charm. Now I can say I'm ready to go, and I can breathe(: Thank you so much for sharing this(:


Tomorrow I have a date with my boyfriend and I just got this huge sinus mess all in my head. I don't like taking medicine, and when I was little my mom always stuck me in the bathroom for a steam bath, but now she wants me to take crazy medicine. All I want to say is that I am relieved to see this, and doing this tonight. So thank you very much for the reassurance!

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