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I find that steaming yourself really helps to soothe mild-medium coughing (This is also a relief to nasal congestion, sinus-especially head congestion, chest congestion) If you don't know what steaming is-let me enlighten you.

To steam yourself (variations possible):
1.) Boil about 5 cups of water (more or less.)
2.) Grab a towel and a bowl.
3.) After water has boiled, (recommended doing the following in the kitchen) sit at a table and pour the water in the bowl.
5.) Quickly, letting very little heat escape, sit down and place the towel over your head and the bowl.
6.) Sit there for about 15-20 minutes breathing in through your mouth (if you have chest congestion/a cough) or in through your nose (if you have nasal congestion or head sinuses) This can be a bit boring, so i recommend listening to the television, music, or attempting to read (however it gets dark and steamy under there!)

Even though it is hot and may cause very mild discomfort to your eyes (I close mine. It's not as though I'm missing anything under there!) try to lean over as close to the bowl as possible. You will sweat, but you will feel your your chest aching less and opening up, your nose opening up/becoming runny, as well as your head aching less and opening up.

The steam helps open up your pores! It is great to apply acne medicine after this as it does wonders to your skin!

As you can see I have found this as a relief to many ailments including the following:
-mild to medium coughing
-chest congestion
-nasal congestion
-sinus (especially head) congestion

(even opening up your pores!)

I hope it helps you as much as me! Although it is a pain in the butt, I find that it does work wonders!

Get better soon! :)))

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that is one LONG remedy


always breath through your nose not your mouth b/c your nose has the little tiny hairs to catch all the microorganism in the air and decreases the chances of you getting a cough or keeping your cough longer and breath our thru your mouth


The shortened version of this remedy would be to run the hot water faucet in the bathroom with your face close by and the towel over your head so the steam doesn't escape. That has always worked for me.


also adding few drops of Olbas Oil to hot steamy water helps ease chest congestion. I do it for 10mins, then start over for another 5mins with fresh hot water and Olbas drops.

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