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I find that steaming yourself really helps to open up your nose (and all other sinuses.) This is also a relief to regular chest congestion as well as mild to medium coughing. If you don't know what steaming is-let me enlighten you.

To steam yourself (variations possible):
1.) Boil about 5 cups of water (more or less.)
2.) Grab a towel and a bowl.
3.) After water has boiled, (recommended doing the following in the kitchen) sit at a table and pour the water in the bowl.
5.) Quickly, letting very little heat escape, sit down and place the towel over your head and the bowl.
6.) Sit there for about 15-20 minutes breathing in through your nose (if you have nasal congestion or head sinuses) or in through your mouth (if you have chest congestion/a cough.) This can be a bit boring, so i recommend listening to the television, music, or attempting to read (however it gets dark and steamy under there!)

Even though it is hot and may cause very mild discomfort to your eyes (I close mine. It's not as though I'm missing anything under there!) try to lean over as close to the bowl as possible. You will sweat, but you will feel your nose opening up/becoming runny, your chest aching less, as well as your head aching less and opening up.

The steam helps open up your pores! It is great to apply acne medicine after this as it does wonders to your skin!

As you can see I have found this as a relief to many ailments including the following:
-nasal congestion
-sinus (especially head) congestion
-chest congestion
-mild to medium coughing
(even opening up your pores!)

I hope it helps you as much as me! Although it is a pain in the butt, I find that it does work wonders!

Get better soon! :)))

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I've been doing this for years... ADD OREGANO to the boiling water. MINT and/or LEMON also work pretty good.


Guess I'm gonna have to try it again, I'm still congested. Someone suggested putting lotion your face, so it doesn't dry out as much.


It unstopped my left nostril and it started to run, and recongestated. But otherwise, it was quite nice for the time being while I was under there.

Great thinking


thanks !!! worked for me !!!


This works wonderfully! I just used a cup of hot tea and used a blanket to cover my head. I only sat there 5-10 minutes but after not being able to breath for two days, this instant relief was amazing!

Angela Willis

Add fresh or dried rosemary or eucalyptus, for menthol relief!


I saw this on Crocodile Dundee, except he dumped a guy's cocaine into the bowl too. I wouldn't recommend cocaine.


A few years ago I started getting congestion and it was always during October when we'd get the really cold fall weather. My mom thought it was just a common cold. It went away after a few days. Then I started getting a stuffed nose during spring and summer. Just any random day of the year. I was miserable and could never get to sleep. I went to a Doctor for a regular check-up and asked about my nose, the Doctor told me all about nasal congestion and told me to get Advil Nasal Congestion. I did. It says take one tablet every four hours. I took one and it would keep me good for months. Yesterday the congestion started again. I ended up taking 4 of the Advil. It just wasn't working. I was desperate and started searching home remedies on google. I felt better just after a few minutes. After I was done I still felt some congestion, but it wasn't as bad as it was before. Its not a permanent effect, its more like mild relief, and its better than nothing.


Another great way to do this is put real camomile tea in the hot water. I have done this since i was a little girl


I've done this with Vicks in the water as well.

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