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mom of 3

My son is 7 and has had eczema his whole life. Last week it was so bad, he could hardly walk (he has it from top of theighs to below his knees). The other night after his oatmeal bath I put prescription hydrocortisone on him and he screamed for 1/2 hour from the stinging. Next a.m. I went to a wellness center that is geared toward holistic approach and bought an ointment called 'whole skin ointment' It only has 4 ingredients and is in a sesame oil base. By the next morning, his eczema was at least 50% imporved. I have been giving him an oatmeal bath everyday, and immediately following I apply the ointment. Since using this, I have been looking up the ingredients on line and found that sesame oil has great benefits for the skin. My son doesn't mind the feel of it (I used to chase hime out of the bath to coat his skin with aquafore, eucerin, etc. he hated to feel of them). This absorbs easily and doesn't feel sticky. The only downside was the price. I paid $39.00 for 1.8 oz of this ointment. I was going to get some sesame oil (cold-pressed-organic) from a whole foods store or similar and see if I get the same results. I have read that some people can be allergic to sesame or the polpolis in the ointment, but it seems to be working great for us and I just wanted to share. It has been a heartbreaking experience to watch my baby go through these outbreaks, he didn't sign up for basketball this winter because he didn't want to wear shorts and have people see his legs. It has only been 3 days, and his legs are almost totally clear (he has asked to play basketball now).

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his mommy!

hi!!my son too suffers alot from excema!buy the lotion called-dermarest for excema at has helped my son soooo much!!it has cleared all of his rash on his face and body!he sleeps all night now and so do we.please try it!apply it all over his face and body after he takes a bath! a capful of bleach in his water kills the bacteria also!hopefully it will help!good luck and let me know how it goes!


Can you get this at Whole Foods? Would you mind telling me what the other three ingredients are? Thanks so much!

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