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After spending a grueling two years fight off several planter warts on my left foot i tried acv and after several days i noticed they were coming off. I had tried surgury, s.acid, and duck tape. None of it worked except ACV. The only downside of ACV is the pain expierenced is throbbing needle like sensations that last several hours. Some nights i couldnt sleep well but it was worth the sacrifice of a few hours for the years of pain and stress. This was my process. Items: Duck tape, tweezers, cotton balls, scissors or a knife. Every night after a hot shower and before bed i soaked a small cotton ball in ACV and placed it on the wart. Then i applied duck tape and secured it for leaks. Then I continued this for every wart. Took me about half an hour each night. Then in the morning if the pain is tolerable throw some baby powder on your foot so it keeps any ACV from being soaked up by your sock and take it off at night. After three to four days the warts began to turn yellow. I then took the tweezers and gently peeled away the top layer of the wart and this exposed for the first time in years the pink new skin underneath. I didnt peel more skin than i had to with the tweezers. I continued this process throughout several weeks and they all feel off.

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