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I caught this trick by accident.. My dog needed a bath ASAP, and I did not have any pet shampoo. I got under the bathroom cabinet and found some HEAD AND SHOULDERS shampoo. I washed my dog in dandruff shampoo {I bet any brand will work}. To my surprise fleas were floating to the top of the water. it is a quick fix when you are desperate, but if you do not take other measure to prevent fleas, they will return.. Just let the dandruff shampoo sit on the pet for five minutes before rinsing.. You will have an instant result and your pet will thank you..

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That is because fleas drown


Head N Shoulders really does work. I discovered it the same way you did.


I had put Frontline on my dog and 13 days later I bathed her with Head and Shoulders. All the Frontline protection was lost and she was full of ticks in a couple of days!!


mari you were supposed to bathe them before not after frontline...and i think reson head and shoulder works is the mint


check with your vet. there is something in dandruff shampoo that is harmful to dogs, if ingested. please dont let them lick it!


If dandruff shampoo gets in your pets eyes, it can cause blindness. Please be very careful.

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