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Im a Live in Nanny and recently we have started using nothing but cloth diapers on the infants again. Even though I change both children very frequently ( this could have been why the mother decided to go back to cloth diapers : ) ) the oldest has gotten a horrible diaper rash. The poor thing screams everytime we change him. Today I started using neosporin as a last effort before I was going to just ask the mother to take him to the doctors and its working GREAT! thank goodness for this site.

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I tried NEOSPORIN as it was available right here, and my VERY FUSSY daughter (18mo) KISSED MY ARM and SMILED! She winced in pain when I was wiping her, so Im guessing that the relief was instant! I just found this site and will also try OATMEAL+Chamomile BAths, and Baking Soda.
I'd also opt for COrn Starch if I had it, SIMPLE SEEMS BEST, but I cant believe not too many people seem to try Neosporin, also it comes with pain relief.

Thankful Dad.

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