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Being into the spiritual approach to healing (although I DO like hydrogen peroxide too), I decided to run this process on my toothache:

Expand the pain, make it bigger.
Okay, done, now
Turn off the pain (as much as you can)
Okay, done, now once again
Expand the pain, make it bigger, turn it on....

repeat until you realize who is really in control here :-)

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I KNOW who is in charge here and it aint me!! lol at least for the 3 secs i read that i laughed!! owwwwwww


dont know who is the bigger nut job you or the person who jumps off buildings for fun


Mind over matter. I have a certain amount of faith in what this person says! =]


you are freakin' nuts!! obviously never had a toothache, i would rather give childbirth 10 more times than deal with this everlasting throbbing pain!!1

Mr Mi

now i have a headache, thank you


Do you really think God gave us medicine to suffer? who ever wrote this hasen't paid close enough attention to he to be you...


i think you're pretty clever. i'm in pain, but you made me smile. :)


Please don't make me laugh like that. It hurts, lol.

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