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For the past 3 months, my son's school has been sending home notices about head lice being a wide spread problem in our town. We keep his hair very short, but given the circumstances I wasn't taking any chances and shaved him bald just before school started. I kept an eye on his head to watch for signs and didn't see anything. I was also been diligent about watching my 4 year old daughter. Then, it seemed like overnight she was infested. I freaked out because I have enough hair for 3 people and remember what it was like when I got lice as a child. I immediately went to the store to buy Rid kits (shampoo, creme and comb, and home spray). Even though I didn't have any signs of lice I shampooed my hair. Then, my husband and I washed my daughter's hair. I was extremely upset to find that Rid did NOT work! I was pulling crawling lice out of her hair hours later. Out of desperation I called the doctor's after hour nurse and got some valuable advise. She said to cover her hair in oil and then put a cap on her head and leave in overnight. She said we could use mayonaise, olive oil, baby oil, or any other slick oil based product we had handy. I had baby oil and immediately dumped it in her hair. While working it into her hair dead lice were just sliding out onto my hands. It was an instant kill! A little messy, but worth it. I threw out pillows and washed literally every article of clothing, bedding, towels, etc. I bagged everything in sight. I realize that I probablly went a little overboard, but I needed to do my fall cleaning anyway.
I was amazed that my daughter was so badly infested and how quickly it happened. Even more amazing is that I didn't show any signs of lice although we share hair supplies and I snuggled her on my pillow the morning before I discovered the outbreak. But, I diligently use SunSilk creme in my hair to control the frizz and did not put it in her hair. After reading all of the postings, I think that the creme must have caused any lice to slide out of my hair. As far as continued prevention, I keep SunSilk creme in my hair and her's. I also put her hair in 2 braids each morning and then spray with hairspray. The on call nurse I spoke with explained that tight braids make it difficult for lice to move around and that the hairspray also prevents. So, for us it is constant prevention because I don't trust that everyone else that my kids come into contact with have sucessfully rid their families of lice. But, I keep spreading the advise that I received in hopes that it will help others. Good luck!!

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