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Hello everyone.

How to get rid of sore throat forever.

I will tell you the story of my soon and my sisters daughter and of some other people that got read of sore throat for good. my sisters daughter is 4 years old and she has been for about 2years with sore throat most of the time. she has been most of the time with temperature and she was using at least once a month antibiotic. my soon as well had the same problem. and some people that are at age 30 to 50 have been having lots of problems with sore throat. every time when the weather was changing if it was cold weather most of these people had problem with the throat. One of my friend recommended me to go to one woman. She has a medicine that is done from 30 different flowers.they inherited the formula generation to generation, so the formula it stays in the family they dont say to anyone how is it done. so when i went with my son there she coated the throat of my son two times with this medicine, and after when she was done she said to me after 2hr your son is not going to have anymore sore throat in his life she said he can eat cold food, drink cold drinks and in the weather change whatsoever he is not going to have any problem in his life. and since i have done this my soon didnt have any more problem s. plus my sisters daughter that she was the warst since she had done this she didn have problems with the throat. and plus i meet one man that had cronical sore throat, he said that he has got 6 years that he has done this medicine and since then he didnt have any problem. so i think this is a very good medicine. Some people do operation they take them off because they have them so bad. but these medicine saves the people from operation and from problems all they lives. If you have any question you can write me email

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UUMMMM.... huh?


LOL, no kidding! Err, uh.....what?


wth? why would you even write that your not giving anyone a remedy your just tellin a story... WHO CARES!


good for you and your soon


Please be nice..I think she doesn't speak english as we english do. Alot of foreign language speakers do try and help us out. I got what she was saying.


Got what she was saying, too. She was advertising for her own 'herbal remidies'.


Wow, you commentators are so superior now that you have established that you know English better than someone else. Congratulations. I wonder how well you would do commenting in her language? Get over yourselves. :-)



Sore throat

Move on to the next remedy post if you don't like this one. Some of you people are just awful human beings for crucifying people who are in fact just trying to help. Get over yourselves.

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