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LaTisha Vaughan - Harris

If your baby is constipated , give them a three ounce bottle with warm water and add a half of ounce of syrup.
This will loosen their bowls and make it easier to go.

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what kind of syrup??


This should not be done!!!! Corn syrup and honey can contain botchulisim (I'm sure I didn't spell that right) and while it doesn't harm adults it has killed small children.

Nursing student

Honey contains spores which are harmful to infants, but I've never heard of corn syryp being harmful to infants. In fact, the first ingredient in infant formula is corn syryp solids. So I would bet corn syryp is not harmful.


The first post is correct, corn syrup is harmful just like honey. The corn syrup has to be prepared a certain way for it to not be harmful and this is the process followed by companies that make formula, so it is safe in their product.


well as of 6/17/11 I was informed that corn syrup is not harmful to infants as long as it hasn't been on the shelf for a long period of time.This info came from a pedi dr,out of the university of texas,high risk clinic in Houston tx


Corn syrup can be used, high risk dr,informed us it wasn't harmful


I have used dark Karo syrup in the past but I can't remember at what age. I now have a constipated 3 week old and it's breaking my heart. I'm not sure if he's too young to try the old Karo syrup remedy. Any ideas??


Karo syrup was suggested to us for constipation and because we started the baby on fresh goats milk From a ped at Texas children's hospital. So no it won't hurt and I gave all 5 of mine the same 30 years ago.

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