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honey and sugar works great. mix in equal parts and just exfoliate then rinse or simply lick your lips. enjoy.

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This is what I do, and it works wonders! My lips always feel so soft afterwords. It also helps a lot when lips are a bit dry. :)


Whenever I try this formula, I use a tablespoon of each hoping it will last me, so I wouldn't have to keep making it. I keep it in a tightly sealed mini container, but find that it always leaves this white foam on top after a day. Is it like bacteria that grows because of all the sugar? Does it mean it goes bad?


yea never say lick your lips cause the saliva is what causes dry chapped lips in most cases. RINSE WITH WATER


I agree. Don't lick your lips. Rinse them.


yes i also agree. it is true.......

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