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I am 21 and have had psoriasis for as long as I can remember. Mine takes the form of small scales all over my body. Within the past year or so the condition of my skin has gotten better and I believe I have been able to identify the sources of this improvment.

Firstly my attitude towards my skin. I know it sucks but it is the way things are and I have it and their is no sense hiding it or locking myself in a room. If it freaks people out that is their problem, if they ask me what it is, I just tell them. I still have friends I am engaged to be married, life still goes on. I believe this attidute has helped because the external is a representation of the internal.

Secondly the medicine I use. Firstly when I am in the shower I wash my hair with T-gel or a similar brand. Any shampoo that uses tar coal as the active ingredient. I then use a body exfoliator. The brand I use and have had great results from is 'firming' Body/Corps by Sundari. It comes in a big tub and is great for srubbing off the old dead skin. Then I use a bar of tar coal soap. I don't know what it is with tar coal it just has always worked. Then when I am done showering I use a moisturizer either baby oil or something with aloe.

Thirdly the RX drugs. The only one that I have come to respect is Ulox foam. It is a steriod and a strong one. However when I add it to my routine, before moisturizing, the effects are dramatic and long lasting. For example after having used the steriod three times; once in the morning, again at night and then once more in the morning, my psoriasis will be reduced to white patches where the red plaques used to be. And they will remain that way for roughly a week, at which point my skin will again begin to flair.

I hope this helps someone, I would highly recommend the body scrub.

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Hi there your probably long gone from this site or post but i believe your med was called OLUX ? and yes it is powerful as i used it for poison ivy or poison sumac during summer of 2008 .

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