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This is gonna sound wierd , ut it has worked very well for me in the past. i get absest teeth alot .when the pain is so bad i cant handle it anymore , i take some pain relievers and rub some 'sports creme' on the cheeck were my tooth ache is. pain goes away and in most cases does not can use 'bengay' or other cremes , but 'Sportscreme' has worked the best.there is a new brand out that works wonders too , it is called 'UNKERS' check it out !hope this helps you.

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I just rubbed vicks vapor rub on my face outside of my sore tooth. It was like magic! My pain is managable! Try this it really works


Hey - I thought I was the only one that used bengay on my face for a toothache
something about your face burning takes the attention away from you tooth


omg you just saved me from a 2nd week of not sleeping it wirks wonders.


Well I just used bengay my face is burning but not sure yet if it is helping me as if yet just did it we will see I tried everything to SALT WATER AND THE VINGER AND WATER NOW THAT HURT BUT PAIN IS THERE BUT NOT AS BAD NOW THAT MY FACE IS BURNING AND KINDA FEELING THE PAIN IN MY TOOTH ..I CANT AFFORD A DENSIT VISIT ANYTHING I WILL TRY ABOUT NOW..THANKS


I use icy hot! this works great! and lasts a long time.


Just don't go over board- I was getting relife for about 30 minutes each time, just enough to get to sleep.. not so effective after long periods of time. try and hold out- it was one of the best remidies i have come accross, not working so great now.

Renee Thompson

My teeth hurt really bad.i need help bad can't afford to go to the dentist please help

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