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slicing small coins of ginger in a pot of hot boiling water is great. drink the ginger infusion afterwards.

but lets not forget, most commonly medical marijuana users medicate to soothe extreme nausea.
trust me,
it works!!

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The Marijuana works when I can afford it lol


This is probably the best natural cure you can use, if you have it available. It's also an added benefit that you can smoke the herb, rather than digest it, which is great when you feel like you can't keep anything down. No matter how queezy I feel, I never get the feeling like 'if I try to smoke that I'm going to hurl' like I do with other digestible remedies.

(However, edible cannabis products help with nausea just as well, if you'd rather administer the herb that way.)

Just one of this incredible plant's many many uses! :)


I feel even worse now that I've smoked, this has happened to me a few times over the few past months. Am I smoking too much?


I use a vapourizer cuz I don't like the sore throat. It helps my Nausea and helps me eat too, as I have appetite issues.


This has proven to work better or me than any ovr te counte product orprescriptio ,at one point I hadto give myself shots in the butt-smoking weed is alot easier.


I have tried so many things for my acid filled stomach...I've been nauseous every single morning for more than a yr nd a half..actually throw up at least 3 mornings a week....tums helped the acid taste in my throat but eventually made me feel even more nauseous...i trIed gaviscon because it wasnt a calcium supplement like tums nd it worked great for a few weeks but now makes me as sick as the tums...before that I did the saltine thing which seemed to be the best help for me...then I discovered that just 1-2 hits of marijuana COMPLETELY relieved me of all nausea nd allows me to keep down my food...THE TRICK IS TO SMOKE AS SOON AS U START FEELING SICK BUT TO NOT SMOKE SO MUCH THAT UR ACTUALLY STONED...1-2 hits that's it (pot is much stronger now than it was years ago)

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