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I learned that stretch marks have more to do with genetics. Some doctors say look at your mother--if she has stretch marks, you probably will too. The genetics come into play when it comes to the elasticity and thinness or thickness of your skin. Another factor, even if you have good elasticity and thick skin, is how quickly you gain or lose weight, especially when pregnant. My mother has great elasticity and thick skin. She is 71 and barely has any wrinkle. Her stomach, however, is another story. She has terrible stretch marks because she gained a lot of weight in her pregnancies (much more than she should have) and she gained it very rapidly. My two sisters and I thought we were going to have the same problem. I exercised (pregnancy-approved exercises) all the way through both of my pregnancies and gained weight very slowly. I also carried toward the back, so I didn't have a very big stomach. As a result, I didn't get any stretch marks. My oldest sister also gained weight slowly and carried toward the back, and she didn't get any stretch marks. my middle sister had 3 kids and although she gained more weight than she should have, she gained it slowly. As a result, she ended up with one tiny stretch mark that you can barely see. So I don't have any special home remedies for you, but I do recommend you stay active during your pregnancy (if possible) and try to gain weight slowly, especially if your skin is not as thick and stretchy. You have to give your skin a chance to stretch itself to the point it can maintain its natural elasticity. Thicker, firmer skin is usually more oily, so look to your complexion if you are trying to determine what your skin is like. Also, skin with more melanin (pigment) tends to be thicker and oilier, but provides more protection from the sun and thus, from wrinkles.

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I just wanted to say my mum had 7 children and never got ANY stretch marks and shes never had them but me i gained them over puberty :/


my mother had 2 children but she's never had stretch mark.

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