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Ian Montgomery

it is 2:50 AM right now, and I havent been able to sleep due to a terrible ear infection. Since I couldnt sleep, I decided to look online for a home remedy. I grabbed my laptop and laid on my side on my bed, holding my head up with my arm, with my elbow on the bed. Just lying in the position INSTANTLY decreased the pain. I have been laying like this for about 15 mins now and the pain is almost gone. Every couple minutes I can hear some crackling in my ear, which I imagine, is fluids and such moving around, begining the healing process. If I had known it was this easy, I would have sat up hours ago.

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That's not a cure, your ear infection just popped and the crackling noise is the puss fluid it released.


seriously, weak. And which side where you laying on? We have to know which ear is infected and what side you're on. idiot.


calm down guys. If it worked it worked. Some chiropractors manipulate the jaw/neck to get fluids to drain from the eustachian tube. Looks like this person might have accidentally discovered how.


gee everyone, cant you just let the person say what happened? If it worked for them it worked, no more no less. This person didnt offer it up as a cure, though thats what this site is for. Calm the heck down.

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