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I had one genital wart that looked like other warts growing on top of it; and it kept growing in size. I lived with this for over 10 years. Here is what worked for me - no joke.

I took some dental floss and tied a slip-not around the base of the wart(s), as far down as I could get it - like a noose. I tied the knot as tight as I could without causing any bleeding, but to the point I knew it was cutting off blood circulation to the wart. I began to see discoloration of the wart within 24 to 48 hours. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable but I was desparate for a cure after trying topicals and other methods that never worked for me.

In about 4 days the firt half of the wart dried up and fell off, along with the dental floss that was holding that part of the wart. I tied another piece of dental floss around the rest of the wart in a noose like fashion. Within another 4 days the rest of the wart(s) that had plagued me for over twenty years was gone. I have been wart-free for over 4 months now, with no signs of them returning. It feels so good.

I got this idea from my father-in-law who lived in the Phillipines. He told me they would use dental floss to remove skin 'tags' or warts. He said they would tie them in a knot and choke them, and eventually they would fall off. I finally tried something that sounded weird to me, but it worked.

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one wart on shaft

Also trying this at the moment. Wart went completely black after 16 hours. It still is attached to my skin though, not sure to leave it and wait until falls off or to try to cut it off


This method only works if the wart has a clear border. If the wart is flat or small enough that it hasn't developed enough of a raised surface, then there won't be anything for the dental floss to ligate.


Post a pic of someone cutting one off or tieing thread around it scared as hell to try and cut one off my balls


Mine on my balls just looks like a callsed balloon almost dime sized slightly smaller i want to cut it off but sure how much it will bleed or hurt i have had a thread tied around it going on 3 days now its purple has blisterd on top of it a few times those poped but still big asz wart fml i want it gone butdnt wanna be judged by doctors even if they dont say nothing its just the looks they give unsettling


Hi guys. I tried this method for a genital wart next to my penis. I have 4 in total and tried the dental floss tying with the bigger one since the rest is too small to tie something around them.

It took 16 days for my wart to completely fall off. I used dental floss at first, and on the 14th day, half of the wart went totally black and fell off while I was examining it. I added some thread this time as a way to reinforce the dental floss tie around the remaning part of the wart. Today, on the 16th day, the wart has gone completely. I just have a bit of a bump which is sensitive when touched yet it doesn't really bother me.

All the time I used hydrogen peroxide as a way to disinfect the area and to try to avoid virus dissemination. As a consequence of that my pubc hair went blond lol.


Had penis shaft wart for 7 years. Even oregano oil failed. Tied skin base with dental floss tight and used 7 knots. Wart turned black and fell off in 4 days. Not painful at all. No recurrence yet! Saved $$$$$ on doctor visits!

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