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I had one genital wart that looked like other warts growing on top of it; and it kept growing in size. I lived with this for over 10 years. Here is what worked for me - no joke.

I took some dental floss and tied a slip-not around the base of the wart(s), as far down as I could get it - like a noose. I tied the knot as tight as I could without causing any bleeding, but to the point I knew it was cutting off blood circulation to the wart. I began to see discoloration of the wart within 24 to 48 hours. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable but I was desparate for a cure after trying topicals and other methods that never worked for me.

In about 4 days the firt half of the wart dried up and fell off, along with the dental floss that was holding that part of the wart. I tied another piece of dental floss around the rest of the wart in a noose like fashion. Within another 4 days the rest of the wart(s) that had plagued me for over twenty years was gone. I have been wart-free for over 4 months now, with no signs of them returning. It feels so good.

I got this idea from my father-in-law who lived in the Phillipines. He told me they would use dental floss to remove skin 'tags' or warts. He said they would tie them in a knot and choke them, and eventually they would fall off. I finally tried something that sounded weird to me, but it worked.

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This is BS. I tried this.. and all it did was hurt really bad, then fell off after like an hour. I tried it again, pulling the floss really tight to where it would cut off blood supply, and once again, an hour later it hat wiggled itself off. This is a big fat lie lol.


This isn't a lie at all. It just worked great for me. I had one large wart on my penis that looked a lot like a skin tag - kinda mushroom-shaped. I took some black sewing thread and tied it off good and tight. 24 hrs later the big wart is going a dark blue-black (starved of blood). I am also adding a salicylic acid and vinegar mix to speed up the process.

I think if your wart is too small or not the right shape, it would be hard to get the thread tied around it so it won't come off. But if you can get it tight enough to stay on, it will definitely work.


They do the same thing in Russia for skin tags. But mine are smaller, and I went to my gyno and she tried burning them off, it didn't do anything, they were gone but it's been 3 weeks, and I began to notice them again, except even more! Burning them off definetly doesn't work!


Tie it off wait a day or two then slide toenail clippers at the base, believe me it's almost painless squeeze down slowly until metal touches metal may not cut all through May have to adjust and clip off the last hanging piece but like I said painless be ready with alcohol and Q-tips or tissue may bleed a little or a lot


I had a Wart that was small over the 2 years it growed very big...I was embarrased to even show my nose it looked horrible.....I asked my local GP he said you can try home remedy..Use a thread to tie around the wart and day by day it will change...My wart took 10 Days to come off...All i know that its worked and I feel more confident around people now. NO PAIN NO GAIN

missy e

It really does takes a little longer than 2weeks. Maybe 3 with constant use of hydrogen peroxide. Also use some castor oil. Thanks for this tip


I have also ised the floss to cut the blood flow from my wart. It totally works, but unfortunately they will hrow back since you are only killing the surface. But, if your in a bind its a great cheap option.


In the process off trying the floss Can feel the vibrating pain just waiting to see how long it take


Doing this at the moment and it's definitely working!

Wart on my shaft

I used a rubber band instead of floss...It definitely worked...Turned black then fell right off and never came back

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