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ron johnson

WOW!!! i just tried swishing nyquil around the tooth that hurt and the pain was gone almost instantly, the 3 ibuprofen probably helped too but im so glad i havent been able to sleep in 2 days but i think im about to go to sleep now thanks to u guys!!

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i tried the nyquil and it didn't work for me. i would say it was probably the ibuprofen. my doctor told me i could take up to 800mg (which is what the doctor prescribes).

for my tooth, however, i just put a cold pack on my check and popped a penicillen and the pain went from a horrible 10 to a less than 1. needless to say, i got some sleep!


AMAZING!!! I have been up and down every couple hours for the last 3 days with a terrible toothache. I just tried the Nyquil. It works fantastic! I know it sounds crazy. When I read it I thought, that can't work it's for colds not teeth. I wish I would have tried it earlier. My pain went from about an 8 down to a 1 or 2 INSTANTLY! No joke! Go do it! Don't wait any longer!

Tooth Ache In Mid-West

I had to try something, after seeing this re-posted a few times I tried it. Instantly the pain was gone!! I will never forget this tip. THANK YOU!


WOW-ZERS!!! The NYQUIL thing REALLY worked. I just tried it. Figured something has to work. THANKS


Hahahaha yo I didnt find anything online about swishing Nyquil while I was lookong for tooth ache home remedies. I didnt have anything in my home for pain relief besides a bottle of vicks vapo cool Nyquil. I just took a capful for the acetaminophen content and the pain was instantly gone. But it came back like an gour later so I tried just swishing it and it worked.took my lain from 10 to 0 instantly. Only problem is the duration lf pain relief continuously dropped from an hour down to a couple minutes. I was hoping the tooth ache would go away vut its been about 4 days. Ive been through 3 bottles of Nyquil like damn.... I need to get this tooth pulled.

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