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I have anxiety disorder, and have had panic attacks for years. I am on Celexa for this, but it is also to treat my OCD. I have Xanax for when I do still have a panic attack. I refuse to take this stuff because I used to and I had definate withdrawals from this horrible drug, plus I hate the 'zombie' feeling I had when I did take it. I lost a job thanks to that 'zombie' state. B vitamins make a huge difference. But when I do have a panic attack, I put on some of my favorite music, lay down and massage my stomach.

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I just 'got off' Celexa and learned it was the culprit causing nerve damage in my feet. It was so intense, it prevented me from sleeping which left me so tired next day. I learned that it is actually listed on the paperwork, as a possible side effect!
Most of the burning and painful striking pains have subsided (thank God) but now I have increased anxiety, tear up easily, and heart palputations.
So, I am now looking for an herbal combo, and realize the real damage the antidepressants can do.

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