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Okay, people, I just unclogged my ear and here is how I did it!

Since yesterday and today, I've taken nasal spray and earache drops that are also treats ear congestion.

I took them as prescribed.

And today, I took ibprofen, cause I read somewhere they it can reduce sweilling in sinuses and can help with ear congestion. But what I alo did was take 64 ounce mug feel it ice water and dranked it. I mean gulped it down.

An hour later, I help my nose and popped my ear, then I tilted my head so my congested ear was upward and I felt something drain behind my face, then when I righted my head up, the pressure was gone and my hearing was almost normal. No muffling or airy feeling.

It is a little sore though, so I'll continue taking the ear drops for it. But I think my ear is better, but I'll be taking it easy for the rest of the night and tomorrow.

I hope this helps.

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