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I had congestion in the chest for over a month. I tried everything. I went through two bottles of mucinex, inhaled steam, coughed and spit out the yucky mucus, and even drank hot tea.


I couldn't go to the doctor. I have no insurance.

However, my parents told me something interesting, about my room.

They said that when they stepped in there or whenever the door swung open, they smelled ammonia or pee smell. Mom said it was so bad that it made her eyes water. I don't notice because I am constantly in there.

A few months before, I had adopted a little puppy. Now we all know that a new puppy brings along accidents and puddles on the floor. Since I kept the little darling in my room most of the time, that was where he did his spills.

I, of course, would clean up the spills with pet cleaning supplies and carpet cleaner. However, I would leave him alone to go to work or run some errands, and I am sure he would have accidents and the urine would dry up on the carpet without my knowing.

My parents suggested that this had to be the cause of my chest congestion since I am in my room so often and I sleep in there, I don't smell or notice that I'm inhaling small traces of ammonia into my lungs.

I wasn't sure if this was right, but I went along anyway. I slept in my brother's room while we pulled up the carpet and cleaned out the room. It has been 4 to 5 days since I vacated the room. And lemme tell you, I am 90% better. My voice is no longer raspy and I am not coughing as much, and my sinuses are clear.

I am way better than I was last week when I was sleeping in my room.

If you have a dog or a puppy that isn't quite housebroken, I know this sounds embarassing, but it might be a good idea to have a friend or someone who doesn't live with you to sniff around the room you stay in the most. You might be inhaling something that is irritating your lungs and not know it.

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That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.


I'd be more concerned why a young puppy was being kept in a bedroom 'most of the time' and not walked or otherwise properly housetrained. Is the writer aware of canine psychology? The dog is a pack animal, and the only reason a puppy should be left totally alone - and for a VERY brief time - is as a punishment. Effectively, shutting him/her in a room while you go to work etc., is punishing the pup. Hardly surprising they decided to pee in there - probably due to distress.


You do not know how to take care of a puppy, he or she needs to be potty trained, behaviorally trained (a dogs psychology thrives order, he or she wants to know it's place in the pack otherwise he or she will just be confused and unhappy) and it's urine shouldn't smell like ammonia... that is the first tell-tale sign of a urinary tract infection. I feel sorry for the poor guy.


These comments are way off the subject of what the point is. Some peoples minds just have to wanter and butt their noses into every one elses personal business.


Amazed at how mean people can be! Apparently this person lives at home with his parents. The puppy spends alot of time in that room so thats where it feels comfortable relieving itself. The writer is EXACTLY right in that animal and insect feces can really mess up your sinus health. Its alot better to be proactive and find the cause than to keep using home remedies. The nerve of some of you people commenting is amazing.


The original poster doesn't seem abusive to the puppy. I've raised several kittens, and just like puppies, they pee alot. A small puppy is too little to be left outside all day long with heat and cold or rain etc.

I wanted to say that I work in daycare for the past year and have constantly been sick with chest phlem. I believe it is due to the the constant ammonia smell and dirty diaper smell. We keep everything very clean and are one of the highest rated daycares for our community but that stuff still smells, LOL. I eventually even developed pneumonia and joke that it is really baby poop lung. Seriously though I think Original poster is right that ammonia smells can really cause damage in your lung and sinus tissue.

Cari Carlson

Hi! i Have a neighbor who never cleans his apt.Could the reason he's got a bad cough&pleghm because his apt isn't clean

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