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This is my first time with ear congestion, and it's been annoying. Hardly painful, but annoying all the same.

Here's something I did that gave me some relief from it. I took a bath.

Just clean water. No waterbeads, or bubbles, or epson salt. Just plain warm water.
I leaned back and submerged my head, but I didn't fill it enough for the cover to cover my face. Just sit back and relax in warm water and listen to the pop as air escapes from your ears. Give yourself a scalp massage, it's very relaxing.

I did this for like five to ten minutes, just keeping my ears underwater and then I lifted my head and let the water drain from them. Then I pinched my nose and pushed the air to my ears and it popped very easily.

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This is D A N G E R O U S Do NOT do it will make it much worse.


Not sure why this would be considered dangerous unless you BLAST air into you ears. If you plug your nose and put very slight pressure you should be fine. I just did this and FINALLY got some relief!


though I would not call it dangerous, if you have bad congestion this will really only make it left ear, which was close to becoming uncongested, is now badly congested after trying this technique...the right ear is unchanged, still badly blocked...


Made my clogged ear worse also. >:(


My ear feels worse now.


why is my ear worse now?

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